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DETAILS - Spring 2017

Diane Cushing - Director

Ted Cushing - Accompanist/organist


Tuesdays, 7 PM at Bethany Baptist Church

(74 Ryan St., Gardner)

First Rehearsal January 17, 2017

Dues ($30) & Music ($30) - Total-$60- due at Registration

Last Rehearsal to accept new members: JAnuary 31, 2017


Tentative May 7th, 4 p.m.- possible others


Our Hope- arr. Robert Sterling

Silence the Stones by Craig Courtney

Alleluia, to Thee We Sing- arr. Jacob Narveraud

The Journey- arr. Joseph M. Martin

Hope by Debra Scroggins

An Die Musik arr. Craig Courtney

Oceans and Stars by Amy Bernon

Even When He is Silent by Kim Arnesen

In the Silence of the Moment by Douglas E. Wagner

The Sound of Silence by Paul Simon

Air and Alleluia-arr. Tom Fettke

Create a Rhythm by Pepper Choplin

In the Silence by Jacob Narverad

An Old Silent Pond- No.2 from 'Frogs; by Norman Dinerstein

Laudate Jehovam Omnes Gentes by George philip Telemann